Our Curriculum Statement

The St Mawes Curriculum: Sailing on a sea of possibilities
Our Curriculum Statement
At St Mawes we pride ourselves on our vibrant, broad and ambitious curriculum which has been developed in response to the needs of all our pupils and community.

We promote a varied curriculum, providing plenty of opportunities for questioning, curiosity, and creativity. We strive to foster cultural capital by promoting character-building qualities that lead to creating well-rounded, global citizens.

Woven through our curriculum will be stories. Stories to bring us closer together, create shared experiences, memories and common bonds. These stories will provoke curiosity, questions and empathy having the capacity to draw pupils in and fire imaginations. High quality and carefully chosen texts will form the golden thread and beating heart of our curriculum.
Pupils will begin their journey and create their own personal story when they join Castle Class, where they will build upon solid foundations. They will then sail to new horizons when they enter Sail Class, continuing to add chapters to their own personal experiences.  
Our curriculum is underpinned by 3 main drivers, which are woven through and identified in the termly topic themes.

Our drivers underpin the learning and experiences we undertake in all areas of school life and ensure our curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children and that it prioritises the things we want our children to experience.

 These drivers are:

  • Aspiration and Personal Development
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Environmental awareness

Aspiration and Personal Development

This driver will support all pupils to seek out ways to understand and enhance their attitude towards their own goals and development, and grasp opportunities to develop themselves and grow. Staff will help and support all pupils to understand their personal responsibility, to expand and fulfil their potential and to find opportunities for development and growth.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing will be a core thread running through all school activities and will clearly link with whole-school priorities. We will strive for all pupils to reach developmental and emotional milestones and learn healthy social skills and how to cope when there are problems.

Environmental awareness

Our curriculum aims for our pupils to make realistic but dynamic change, creating positive impacts for our planet now. We will teach our pupils the skills and knowledge needed to benefit and improve our planet throughout their lifetimes. Our pupils will learn about our natural surroundings and understanding how our actions affect the well-being of our local and global environments. The environment refers to all parts of nature, living and non-living.


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