Pupil Parliament

Welcome to St Mawes Community Primary School Pupil Parliament.

Each year a Reception, Yr1, Yr2, Yr3, Yr4, two Yr5 and two Yr6 children are nominated by their class to sit on the Pupil Parliament. The Parliament meets with Mr Lawton every half term to discuss any school issues or plan any forthcoming events. Each class can also discuss any class issues arising which could feed in to the next Pupil Parliament meeting.


What do the Pupil Parliament Members do?

The Pupil Parliament takes part in lots of activities including:

• Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils.

• Representing these concerns to the Headteacher, teachers and other adults.

• Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions.

• Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally.

• Fundraise for St Mawes and charities.

Being a Pupil Parliament member is a very responsible position as you have to have a lot of sensible ideas and sometimes have to do things in your lunch times. Members play a very important part in our St Mawes community!


Our members for 2023/2024 are:

Reception:     Arthur Andrew 

Year 1:          Ava Crinks       

Year 2:          Yuna Zaiats      

Year 3:          Elsie Andrew

Year 4:          Zoe Kyriacoudis

Year 5:          Zara Emery       

Year 6:          George Guest and Seren Clode              - Parliament Ministers


Our Pupil Parliament rules:

  1. Everybody to respect other people's opinions.
  2. Attend meetings on time.
  3. Speak one at a time.
  4. Everyone to listen at all times.
  5. If you want to speak, put up your hand.
  6. Confidentiality at all times.

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