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Science plays a key part of the curriculum through your child’s entire school career, and a love of Science is created through finding the awe and wonder in our world.  We work hard to develop each child’s scientific knowledge and understanding.   


Our children are first introduced to science in the Foundation Stage where it is called Understanding the World. They will learn to explore, problem solve, observe, predict, think, make decisions and talk about the world around them.  


Children are encouraged to ask questions about why things happen and how things work. Your child will also be asked questions about what they think will happen to help them communicate, plan, investigate, record and evaluate findings. They will also learn to recognise changes that happen to the body when they are active. Children will also learn about the importance of keeping healthy and the things that contribute to this. 


At St Mawes we are ensuring we have a larger emphasis on the STEAM curriculum. STEAM is an integrated skills based approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding pupil enquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.  


Our STEAM curriculum will be broad and balanced and built around the principles of active discovery and experiential learning. There will be planned cross-curricular links and external partnerships to bring richness and depth to subjects through the explicit use of art, music and drama. The planned use of ICT and technologies will support the teaching and learning of all curriculum areas. 

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