At St Mawes Primary School we take internet safety very seriously.  We appreciate the importance of the internet as a learning tool for children today.  It provides them with the opportunity to access a wide range of educational tools , communicate with friends and investigate the world around them.  We hope that the information provided below will help keep your children safe and ensure they use technology responsibly.

Always remember most social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter are designed for the use of adults and children aged 13 and over. All require a date of birth and agreement to this in their terms of service. Access by children under 13 can only be given when falsifying their age.






Internet safety for infants


Useful links:

Please find a list of apps that we are currently using in school.

We will update regularly with any new apps bought.

Animate It, Morfo Booth, Photo Studio HD, I Movie, Puppet Pals 2, Puppet Pals HD, I Can Present, Popplet, Daisy the Dino, Bee-Bot, Cargo-Bot, SketchNation, ChessKid, Life Cycle for Kids, Kodable, Educreations, Math Evolve, King of Maths, Mr Wolf, Glitter Draw, Big Cat Reading Books (x6), Hopscotch, Light-Bot, RoboFree, IChess, Garage Band