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We take pride in the amount of clubs we offer the children each term, we try to give as wide a choice as possible. Spaces are given at the start of each term, if your child would like to join a club, please see Mrs Guest in the office for a clubs consent form.


Mon lunch                         Gardening                   Yr 3 - 6        A Praed / L Jaye                       

Mon 3.10 - 4pm                  Multi Sports               Yr 3 - 6        A Ayre / L Jaye

Wed 3.10 - 4pm                 Dance                           Yr 2 - 6        K Crinks             

Thurs lunch                         Arts and Crafts           Yr R - 2         L Davison

Thurs lunch                         STEM                             Yr 3 - 6       A Praed                  

Fri lunch                              Active Club                  Yr R - 1        A Mitchell / Yr 6                     


The children have taken part in Capoeira sessions in school. If your child is interested in pursuing this outside of school please visit the website below via the link.